Intuitive Consulting

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Intuitive Consulting

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Unlocking Your Potential Through

Intuitive Consulting

Welcome to a world of transformation, healing, and

boundless potential.

I'm Fetie, your intuitive consultant, and I'm here to

help you navigate life's challenges.

Find answers, and discover your true self.

What is it?

Intuitive consulting is a unique and profound approach

to self-discovery and personal growth.

It's about tapping into the deep wisdom within yourself

with a little guidance from someone who can connect

with your higher self—someone like me.

How I Can Help You?

Through my intuitive gifts, I can connect with your

higher self, that inner voice that knows what's best fo


What to Expect

In our sessions, we'll dive deep into your concerns,

questions, and aspirations.

With the insight gained through this connection, I'll

provide you with guidance, wisdom, and practical

advice tailored to your unique situation.

It's a transformative journey towards empowerment and self-realization.

Why Choose Intuitive Consulting?

Intuitive consulting is not just about solving problems; it's about unlocking your full potential.

It's a holistic approach to personal growth and healing

that can lead to lasting positive change in every aspect

of your life.

What other are saying about

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Renée A

Tia has an amazing gift and I'm so happy to see her grow into it and share it with the world.

I booked an emotional healing session to deal with my severe back

pain for several years.

Even over zoom, she works her magic. All my chakras are blocked

which I had a feeling they were) and we focused on where and why the pain is happening.

Energy is everything whether negative or positive. She even

channeled one of my cats energy during the session and let me know how calm he was.

The first few days after my session, my back pain was nowhere near

what it was. I was able to take steps with barely any pain, bend in ways that I haven't been able to, even do certain exercise moves that I previously couldn't do. I still have pain and I'm working on manifestingit away, but it is a process.

I'm hoping to do work on some past life regression next!


Fetie was a tremendous help in providing emotional healing coaching.

I really felt she understood me and she made some great

suggestions to help me to overcome some painful emotions I have

had. She is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her.


Thank you Fetie

you're such a remarkable person/ soul - full with light and love. After the session, yesterday I received a message for you that we are in 6D but operating in 5D here on earth.

Nataly H.

More progress in 4 hours than in the last 10 months

I just have to say I feel like I made more progress in heading with you in 4 hours than I have in the last 10 months trying everything. Don't want to speak too soon but feels like a turning point finally. You are truly gifted. Thank you